Designer Alevi Women's collectionDesigner Alevi Women's collection

Founded in 2017 in Milan by Valentina Micchetti and Perla Alessandri, Alevi embraces the all-feminine heel through their shoe collection. Hailing from families of shoemakers—Micchetti’s grandparents were cobblers and Alessandri’s family owns a luxury shoe factory—the duo was perfectly poised to launch a line that reflected their deeply rooted Italian sensibility. Along with being well versed in the design and manufacturing process, Micchetti and Alessandri are also industry veterans in their own right.

Micchetti comes from a background in PR and marketing for luxury fashion brands while Alessandri is the heiress to her family’s factory, which has produced shoes for the likes of Chanel and Saint Laurent, and is where Alevi shoes are made. Combining versatility with uncompromising sensuality, Alevi becomes an extension of the legs that transitions seamlessly paired with a daytime denim look or an evening gown.

Established Location Creative director
2017 Milan Valentina MICCHETI and Perla ALESSANDRI


Designer Alevi Women's collectionDesigner Alevi Women's collection
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