Isa Arfen

Inspired by the retro glamour of Slim Aarons’ society photographs, Isa Arfen is a label by a socialite for socialites. Founded in 2011 by Italian-born, London-based designer Serafina Sama, Isa Arfen is an anagram of Serafina, and “Isa” pays tribute to her late grandmother, the mother of the influential women in Serafina Sama’s life. ”

Growing up in Ravenna, Italy, in the 1980s and 1990s, Sama admired Italian fashion and the eccentric style of 2 of her muses: her mother and two aunts. Initially, the pieces were sold exclusively through private sales, and the enthusiastic response led the designer to develop these initial themes into a broader collection with a modern and eclectic attitude. Her pieces show an appreciation to vintage, ethnic and folkloric fashion with a creative license to inject her own love of life.

Established Location Artistic  Director
2011 London Serafina SAMA


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