Designer laContrie Women's CollectionDesigner laContrie Women's Collection

Founded by designer Edwina de Charette in 2010 and based in Paris, laContrie offers bespoke bags that can be customized at every step of the process, including the bag’s body, lining, strap, hardware, color, material, and lining. After searching for a unique bag that didn’t resemble iterations of seasonal it-bags, de Charette personally sourced materials and learned how to produce a product of her own. In 2017, the brand was nominated as one of the top three finalists for the ANDAM Fashion Award in the fashion accessories category.

For its exclusive collection for The Webster, de Charette recreated laContrie’s iconic Carrousel model in our signature colors, all handmade from the brand’s workshop in Paris.

Established Location Artistic director
2010 Paris  Edwina DE CHARETTE
Designer Lacontrie Women's CollectionDesigner Lacontrie Women's Collection
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