Designer Repossi Women's collectionDesigner Repossi Women's collection

A longtime purveyor of fine jewelry, Repossi was founded by Gian Pietro Repossi in 1920 in Turin, Italy. Spanning four generations, the house is synonymous with high quality craftsmanship and modernist designs. Repossi is currently led by Gaia Repossi, the first woman in her family to inherit the reins of the atelier. Gaia’s approach is minimalist with complex details and informed by her rooted interests in the arts. At just 21 years old when she was appointed creative director, Gaia envisioned the brand’s new identity while pursuing a MA degree in Archaeology and Anthropology from La Sarbonne.

Current collections blend and push the boundaries between architecture and traditional high jewelry techniques, meshed with Gaia’s affinity for references of the brutalist, minimalist and bauhaus movements. Under her direction, the heritage house has established a reinvented presence and partners with some of the most important power players in fashion today.

Established Location Creative Director
1920 Turin Gaia REPOSSI


Designer Repossi Women's collectionDesigner Repossi Women's collection
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