Designer Rochambeau Men's collectionDesigner Rochambeau Men's collection

Established in 2011 by longtime friends and New York City natives Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper, Rochambeau is a menswear brand that draws inspiration from the energy of the city the designers hail from. Observing a void in progressive menswear in the U.S. market that strayed from prominent heritage brands, Chandler and Cooper looked to European designers to inform their brand. Upholding authenticity as a guiding principle in their design process, the duo focuses on their core consumer associated with the downtown culture they grew up with.

Each piece the brand creates contains a custom element, whether it be in embroidery or specialized materials to set it apart from what already exists in the market. The resulting collections evoke a spirit of nonchalance with airy proportions and clean lines. In 2016, Rochambeau was named a finalist for the CFDA Fashion Fund, and winner of the US Woolmark Prize.

Established Location Creative director
2011 New York city Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper


Designer Rochambeau Men's collectionDesigner Rochambeau Men's collection
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