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Designer SHOES 53045  collectionDesigner SHOES 53045  collection

SHOES 53045 (which spells “shoes” upside down) was created and designed in Paris in 2019 by Tourniaire-Beauciel (Triple S Co-Designer) and his co-founder Aurelia Ammour. Beauciel has been in the fashion industry for more than two decades and has worked aside numerous reputable fashion brands.

SHOES 53045 vision is to express an avant-garde footwear brand that balances European design with athletic technology manufactured by experts in China. These trendy sneakers comprise of a pioneering platform bubble air sole. Tourniaire-Beauciel describes their signature Bump’Air shoe as “walking on floaty boats, or dancing on the moon.” Moreover, the sustainable shoes are manufactured entirely vegan. Beauciel is currently the Creative Director at Clergerie. He creates his shoes for the wearer’s comfort and pleasure, the footwear includes two sets of insoles to customize the composition.

Established Location Creative Director
2019 France Aurelia AMMOUR & David TOURNIAIRE-BEAUCIEL


Designer SHOES 53045  collectionDesigner SHOES 53045  collection
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