Joanna Czech

Joanna CZECH The Webster SohoJoanna CZECH The Webster Soho

Born in Poland, aesthetician Joanna Czech graduated from the University of Warsaw with a degree in biology before steering her focus to skin. Thirty years later, the Dallas-based beauty industry veteran has become the designated facialist for A-listers across the globe. Her science-backed techniques utilize the latest advancements in dermatological technology including LED light therapy, microcurrents, ultrasound, cryotherapy, and massage to create luxuriously customized facials to address specific skin conditions. Deviating from industry trends and instantaneous yet fleeting results, Czech opts for non-invasive treatments that yield long-term effects. Placing strong emphasis on facial massages as the most important step in any skincare regimen, Czech offers the at-home facial massager as an alternative to her 280-minute massage treatments.

In 2019, Czech opened a New York City outpost on the 6th floor of The Webster Soho.

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Joanna CZECH facial MassagerJoanna CZECH facial Massager
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